On each engagement

Rush Street Capital Will Endeavor To:

  • Procure multiple options and capital alternatives, which should improve the terms, pricing and structure of your deal.

  • Oversee and drive the debt raise process to increase the certainty of close and meet deadlines.

  • Maintain an agnostic approach to the process, which ensures no conflicts of interest.

  • Take a targeted approach, pre-screening lenders to maintain confidentiality and compress time frames.

  • Analyze, underwrite and research each situation carefully and thoughtfully to maximize the outcome for our clients.

  • Streamline the data and information into a distinct and unique format, tailored specifically for each company.

  • Preserve time and resources of the management team and ownership group.

  • Bring clarity and transparency to the financing process

Areas of Expertise: 


Aerospace & Defense
Automotive & Truck
Building & Infrastructure
Business Services

Energy and Power
Financial Institutions
Food and Beverage
Real Estate


rush street capital's

Areas of Practice


+ Advisory Capital Markets

We are actively involved in the capital markets on a daily basis and we are experts in the middle market and lower middle market arena. As such, we are able to provide topical and useful advice to industry participants about the current state of the U.S. Debt capital markets. We are able to help you navigate through dynamic and sometime turbulent changes that occur with providers of capital. Whether it is shifts in the way banks are being regulated, changes in the capital markets affecting how finance companies are lending or the advent of new lenders and new types of debt offerings, Rush Street Capital can help you make sense of these changes. We are an excellent outsourced provider of sound advice on the capital markets and the debt markets.

+ Debt Restructuring

We have closed several transactions with companies who are under pressure from their existing bank, existing Senior lender or existing junior lender and helped them achieve a successful refinance of their existing debt. We have experience in helping negotiate with the company’s existing debt providers and streamlining the information for potential new lenders. Rush Street Capital has expertise in refining the company’s message to gain the best possible response from middle market lenders. We professionalize the process and can help to bring a common sense approach to situations that may have come under some stress.

+ Mergers & Aquisitions

Rush Street Capital can help Independent Sponsors, private equity firms, family offices, privately-held businesses and management teams with structuring mergers and acquisitions. We have advised numerous transactions involving full buyouts of companies and change in control transactions. We can help you brainstorm on various structures to use leverage as an effective tool for all types of acquisitions.

+ Special Situations

We have successfully advised borrowers and business owners in situations where distressed balance sheets call for a deeper restructuring. In cases where full repayment of the company’s existing debt is in question and new solutions may be required including bringing in fresh capital and bringing in new capital providers, Rush Street Capital can provide assistance. Our experience with special situations allows us to be an excellent provider of advisory services to companies and/or private equity firms. Additionally, our experience and database of capital providers can be utilized to provide companies with introductions to new lenders to help restructure existing debt, restructure the existing balance sheet and provide unique alternatives to preserve and maximize value for existing and new owners.

+ Debt Advisory and Debt Private Placements

Our flagship products are debt advisory and debt private placement services. Leveraging our combined experience in commercial banking, leveraged finance and private equity, we are able to help you place your debt in the most effective and advantageous manner. We are able to use our vast database of relationships, our knowledge of the industry and our experience as lenders to assist business owners, private equity firms and independent sponsors to find the best possible deal. We begin with our own underwriting process, getting to know the company and its owners in depth and assessing the contemplated transaction.

Then we use our marketplace knowledge and experience to anticipate the likely credit strengths and weaknesses and help you address potential questions and hurdles that will be asked by debt providers. We oversee a professional and discreet auction process for your debt placement, creating urgency and providing you a clear understanding of the available structures for your commercial loans. Our options will include a wide survey of corporate debt alternatives, including Senior Debt from a variety of banks, finance companies, hybrid lenders, Mezzanine Debt, Unitranche loans, bridge loans, project financing, acquisition financing and more.



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