Private Equity Firms

Rush Street Capital has closed several deals with Independent Sponsors and lower middle market private equity firms.  We have the experience and relationships necessary to help you get your deal closed.  We understand the pressures and issues that face private equity firms, especially those in their first few years of existence.  We know what you go through to get your first few deals closed and we know how limited your resources are.
When lower middle market private equity firms are buying a company there is a enormous list of things you need to do before close and you have limited resources to do them.  We view ourselves as partners because we relieve the burden of the debt capital raise.  Here are some benefits of engaging with Rush Street Capital:

We will manage the debt capital raise process for you.  This includes the following:

  • Organizing all of the company information into a secure data room
  • Transforming the company information into a compelling story for lenders 
  • Pre-screening dozens of potential lenders and identifying the best capital partners for your transaction
  • Answering follow up questions from Lenders about the company
  • Driving the process with lenders to receive multiple term sheets
  • Negotiate the best deal to drives the cost of capital down and increases the certainty of close
  • After choosing a lender we push the lender along from term sheet to funding the transaction

By handling the debt capital raise, we free up the private equity professionals to focus on other critical parts of the transaction, including:

  • Raising the necessary equity for the transaction
  • Completing thorough due diligence on the company you are acquiring
  • Managing the seller relationship; including negotiating the purchase agreement, employment agreements, etc
  • Developing a deep understanding of the business and how it will operate post close

We’d love to find a way to work with you on your next transaction or on your next refinance or recapitalization.  Please call us today to begin discussing options and ideas.