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Will BDCs Survive?

Read our research piece for an outlook on Business Development Companies. 

As credit has flowed freely and the lending market has become more complex BDCs have become a major force for middle market lending. 

Fifth Street Finance's sale in July was the first casualty. Its sale sheds light on the challenges these lenders are encountering and provides a "why" for the markets viewpoint on BDCs. 

Are Commercial and Industrial Loans a New Asset Bubble?

Read our research piece for an outlook on Commercial and Industrial Loans

An increase in commercial lending due to artificially low interest rates have helped create a bubble in this industry.

The economic affect of this bubble remans to be seem but requires more research on the leverage of businesses and consumers.

Auto-lending is not the return of the housing Grim-Reaper

Read our research piece analyzing recent trends in the auto lending industry.

Auto-lending has been, as of late, compared to the housing bubble given the occurrence of sub-prime lending and the increasing loan volume outstanding.

As our analysis shows there is a cause for concern in this sector, but its effects should be much less pronounced on the economy.